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Our brands

We offer you a comprehensive range of the most varied, patented, and quality international brands such as Vylet-Nails, Naileon, American Line, Youmaxx, Euro-Line, Konad, Promed, Hartmann, Elomed, NDED - Nail Design Exclusive Discovery and many others. Find your favourite products from our over 8000 brand products. We ship our products in various sizes so that you can find the right one for you. Browse through our shop at your leisure, you'll be completely inspired.


nail design exclusive discovery

Our own brand, offering high quality for a lower budget. Ideal for beginners, nail studios and retailers. Benefit from the intensive research and highest degree of care that underlie the broad range of nded series products.


Simply the best

The motto here is luxury at one's fingertips. Spoil your nails and your customers' with the best from American research. Intensive cooperation between the research department and well-known nail designers has made this brand the luxury that it is today. A dream for every lover of nail design, because – with our American Line – nail design becomes art.


Solutions for beautiful

A quality brand targeting the world. Our popular Euro-Line is a leading product that is used and sold around the world. We have also put our heart and soul into the research here in order to meet the high demands of today's nail design industry. You will be pleased and amazed by the easy handling and brilliant results. Quality at unbeatable prices, that will also delight your customers.


Quality is our passion

In addition to high-quality, technical innovation we also provide excellent gel polish with all the accessories. Everything is state-of-the-art and based on the latest research. All NAIL-EON devices are tested by TÜV-SÜD and are manufactured to the highest standards. NAIL-EON offers a 3-year warranty on all devices.

Our gel polish conjures an irresistible charm on your nails. Research and patience have formed the basis of the development of this product to let you benefit from its long-lasting intensity. And despite its robust characteristics, we offer products with which you can gently remove the gel polish from your nails. A milestone in our research efforts.

From the best nail file to the newest UV lamp, we offer all the technical devices you need to engage in professional nail design. All of our products are certified by TÜV-SÜD and stand for quality and guaranteed satisfaction. Tried and tested by us personally, and found to be of excellent quality.

Vylet Nails

Award winning nails

Our Vylet Nails series corresponds to highest standards and is very versatile. Our research has united quality and perfection in three product series.

Vylet Nails Revolution

Vylet Nails Revolution for nail designers who attach high value to ease of use and extreme durability. Start a revolution in nail design, and make a name for yourself with our branded gel.

Vylet Nails Elements

Grace yourself and your customers with the natural, elementary gloss of our Vylet Nails Elements series. The natural and the classic are united in a large selection of products. Benefit from the experience of well-known nail designers who have put their best knowledge into the research of these products.

Vylet Studio Edition

Style like a star! Grace your nails and those of your customers with the genuine Hollywood touch . With our spectacular Vylet Nails studio line products there are no limits to your imagination. Many years of research have paid off with glamour on one’s nails and a smile on one’s face.

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